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DeadHappy came to Pollenary with two goals: firstly to create more alignment between their creative and performance marketing strategies and secondly to grow their customer base.


Pollenary worked closely with DeadHappy’s growth team to develop a framework that defined the direction of DeadHappy’s creative approach. By combining this with our audience insights, we were able to focus on crafting the best messaging for each audience, and continue to deliver maximum value.

Finally, we used all of this data from research and the testing process to build bespoke performance reports that allow us to keep learning and optimising DeadHappy’s creative moving forwards.


By pre-testing creative, we took a smaller number of more creative routes to market thus saving time and media spend. Pollenary were able to help DeadHappy increase their subscriber volumes by over 75% while reducing customer acquisition costs by 41%. With Pollenary, DeadHappy achieved 108% revenue growth from Facebook ads, while also increasing effectiveness.


Revenue growth


Acquisition costs

"Not only were Pollenary able to rapidly scale our customer acquisition, the quality of their insights and analysis gave us confidence about the way forward."

Lucy Holton, Head of Growth
Nick Boyce

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