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Profit Growth

Huge growth in e-commerce sales driven by multichannel customer acquisition and unique processes


King & McGaw are the UK’s leading publisher and online retailer of high quality art prints. Our challenge was to scale their e-commerce customer acquisition profitably through paid channels and establish King & McGaw as an authority in wall art.


We moved from return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) channel reporting to a blended marketing efficiency ratio (MER) model, which allowed Pollenary to flexibly apportion media spend where it was having the highest impact. In engaging this type of reporting and using our experience with e-commerce brands allowed a more responsive approach to utilising market spend so that it’s more effective for the client. We also introduced our rapid creative testing process which combined with the MER model, makes for the target market an aggressive, but effective campaign style.

We consolidated the PPC campaign structure and pivoted bidding strategies to leverage as much as possible of Google's bidding automation as possible, allowing us to more than double media spend over a short period of time, at a 7x ROAS.

In our continued work for King & McGaw, we developed automated reporting that allow a real-time view of cross-channel marketing performance. As our relationship has developed and the trust the client places in our process grows, the increase in media ad spend has lead to increasingly successful results well into seven figures.


Pollenary helped King & McGaw grow their e-commerce business 325% since we started working together. We have demonstrated scale beyond what they originally briefed, gave confidence to the process of social ads for the client and have delivered beyond the original brief and challenges.


Profit Growth


Revenue Generated

“Pollenary have made great efforts to really understand our business. They communicate well, are flexible, collaborative and generous. It's a pleasure working with them.”

Gyr King, CEO

By aligning reporting to profitability, leveraging automation and significantly scaling creative output, we were able to achieve transformational growth for King & McGaw. Get in touch to find out how Pollenary can scale your brand.

Nick Boyce

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